Exclusive Pandemic NFT Art Debuts On OpenSea Marketplace

An exclusive new collection of NFT art featuring an interesting take on merging pandemics and epidemics with digital art has made its debut on the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

The Pandemimics collection, now available on OpenSea, consists of 18 original and unique artworks existing on the blockchain set at the price of five ETH each. It is the first-ever complete NFT collection depicting several deadly viruses leading to the outbreak of an epidemic or pandemic.

Everything you need to know about Pandemimics nfts

Pandemimics are a set of original 18 virus characters, digitally drawn in a colorful cartoon style. Each NFT character has distinctive features and a unique face to differentiate the designs.

Also included are the geographical location of the virus outbreak, the signs and symptoms of the disease, or the organs a virus targets during its wrath.

Several virus species are digitally drawn in the shape of an actual virus when placed under the lens of a microscope.

An included description for each character highlights when and where the virus was first discovered, the outbreak first occurred, how many total people were infected, and how many died as a result of the spread of the epidemic or pandemic. 

NFT collection features the world’s most deadly virus outbreaks

The most “harmless” of the deadly virus strains featured in the Pandemimics collection is the Avian Flu, which was responsible for killing 400 people worldwide. In contrast, the most lethal of them is the Plague, which took an estimated 75 to 200 million lives

Each epidemic or pandemic within the collection claimed similar death tolls.

The collection also includes highly publicized global epidemics and pandemics such as Ebola, SARS, Smallpox, and HIV. Character design traits have been stylized to demonstrate the symptoms and other havoc each virus spreads.

NFT art highlights the historical importance of pandemics and epidemics

The author of the collection sought to highlight the very important historical role epidemics and pandemics play in human life and the development of society.

Pandemics historically arrive at impactful turning points in politics and more and create change in health care, logistics, and across the economy.

Thus far, no artist or designer has dared to bring these deadly viruses to life in the digital NFT art world.

The Pandemimics NFT art collection featuring 18 original artworks on well-known global epidemics and pandemics is now available exclusively on the OpenSea NFT marketplace with a floor price set currently at 5 ETH.

Don’t miss a chance to own a piece of this collection of deadly viruses.

You can view or purchase the Pandemimics NFT collection by visiting the OpenSea marketplace listing here.


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